Sex Work

Sex work itself is not legalized, but at the same time not criminalized. To be and to work as a sex worker is not a crime. Exist only federal laws concerning involvement in prostitution and mediating sex services, etc. Estonia has no specific provision containing the term trafficking in human beings, but there are several provisions, which are cited below, in our Penal Code that can be used in the case of the trafficking in human beings or mediating prostitution. According to the Penal Code, these types of criminal offences are provided for in the corresponding sections of the Penal Code:

§133. Enslaving

§134. Abduction

§136. Unlawful deprivation of liberty

§138. Illegal conduct of human research

§139. Illegal removal of organs or tissue

§140. Inducing person to donate organs or tissue

§143. Compelling person to engage in sexual intercourse

§172. Child stealing

§173. Sale or purchase of children

§175. Disposing minors to engage in prostitution

§176. Aiding prostitution involving minors

§177. Use of minors in manufacture of pornographic works

§178. Manufacture of works involving child pornography or making child pornography available

§259. Illegal transportation of aliens across state border or temporary border line of the Republic of Estonia

§268. Aiding prostitution.

For more detailed information, please see Penal Code, available on the web-page

Those laws apply to anybody, who acts on Estonian territory, but we have no one clear example of a court case against pimps or sex work organizers from abroad. According to the experts, who constantly work with prostitutes, the majority of sex workers consider their legal situation as normal. Providing sexual services is not regulated at all, it is in a grey zone, neither legalized nor criminalized.