Access to public healthcare facilities is the same for migrant sex workers as it is for uninsured/undocumented sex workers. All the persons who live  in Denmark, whether legally or illegally, have the right to healthcare in the case of acute illness or an emergency. Provided that a person works a minimum of nine hours per week or 18 hours every two weeks or a total of 39 hours per month and possesses a residence/work permit, this person is covered in Denmark by public health insurance under the very same conditions as national citizens.

Regardless of having a residence/work permit or not, all migrant and uninsured, undocumented sex workers may access all healthcare services for only emergency situations, without personal payment,  which excludes long-term treatment, such as that  required for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV/AIDS, cancer, hepatitis, malaria, and drug-rehabilitation. With regard to uninsured migrant sex workers, the HIV/AIDS test may be obtained free-of-charge; however, without long-term treatment for the infection. An asylum seeker may be treated for full-blown AIDS or to prevent HIV/AIDS infection to the unborn child of a HIV+ pregnant mother.

Abortion is available, without personal payment, for only the presumed victims of trafficking, which is paid for by private organisations.