Officially, there are no mandatory medical examinations for sex workers since sex work per se is unregulated. Sex workers who work indoors usually visit twice a month the gynaecologist under contract to the club owner. Unconfirmed information indicates that an examination usually costs 5,000 Slovakian crowns (around €150).

Healthcare services are high-threshold; therefore, having to show your ID is most likely and necessary. Uninsured sex workers have open access to public healthcare facilities, but they have to pay for it. It is more convenient for a sex worker to register as a self-employed person, in which case, the monthly fee is approximately 1000 Slovakian crowns (about €30). A migrant that chooses self-employed status may obtain monthly reimbursements from the public health insurance payment, provided that these payments are not disbursed in another country.

Access to HIV treatment for undocumented nationals is complicated but not impossible. There are organizations that provide help in getting the needed documents. Complications are to be expected whenever migrants are helped to gain access to treatment.

In accordance with the law, if a sex worker cannot afford the payment, public healthcare is provided cost-free, but only in life-endangering situations. Immediate (or emergency) healthcare is rendered in the case of a sudden, life-endagering change in a person’s state of health. Everyone is entitled to immediate healthcare, no matter the circumstances, which is usually provided in the instance of excruciating pain or an abrupt behavioural change that represents a potential danger to the person affected and those around her. Immediate healthcare also includes child delivery.