There are no specific provisions for migrants with regard to sex work.

For EU citizens there are no restrictions with regard to their stay (or sojourn) in the country.

For non-EU citizens, the possibilities for official sojourn in the country are by means of a work contract, marriage, motherhood, the sponsorship of a relative or another person who assumes financial and moral responsibility for the person sponsored, official matriculation as a student, or as a researcher.


Employee Law


For non-EU citizens, obtaining the authorization for residency depends on the existence of a work contract. Since sex work is unregulated, it is very difficult to obtain a work contract for such activity. Although the working conditions are generally good, the inexistence of work contract places sex workers in illegality and renders them quite vulnerable in this country.


For the sake of example, should a quarrel take place in a public bar and a sex worker is identified to be in illegality (expired visa), she will receive a letter that invites her to leave the country on her own free will. If she fails to leave the country and is found again by the authorities, she will be detained and will receive an expulsion order, with the prohibition of entry into the country for a period of 5 years.