State-provided healthcare services are free-of-charge for all citizens of Hungary with valid health insurance, including the testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections. Emergency healthcare services are available free-of-charge for everyone, whether a native citizen or not. There are mandatory tests for sex-workers for STI(s). The fee for an examination is 17,000 Hungarian Florins (roughly €70), which are currently performed at only one place in Budapest. Apart from a case of serious emergency, uninsured nationals, migrants and undocumented sex workers sex workers must pay for the healthcare services administered to them.

There are a few nongovernmental organisations/NGO(s) that operate harm-reduction programmes for nationals, migrants, and undocumented drug-using sex workers. The activity of the Open Society Institute is significant in this field. The presence of these kinds of programmes in State/local government healthcare services are rare, and where they do exist, individuals without insurance must pay for the care and treatment they receive.

The Department of Immunology of St. Istvan Hospital treats patients with advanced HIV/AIDS and these patients may not be deported. In actuality, no patient has been deported because of having HIV/AIDS or for other medical reasons. The barriers for nationals and migrant sex workers to gain access to healthcare and treatment are the same: the lack of valid insurance, the lack of trust in the institutions, and the lack of information concerning the free-of-charge programmes offered by NGO(s).