Non-EU migrants cannot obtain a residence or work permit for sex work. Undocumented migrant sex workers can be subject to deportation.

There are no special immigration laws that refer to sex work or sex workers.

EU citizens can stay in Poland without any further permits required, however some EU citizens still need a work permit. Non-EU citizens need to get a work permit. For some citizens there are some facilities to get a work permit based on bilateral treaties, e.g. for Ukraine citizens.

Undocumented persons, including undocumented sex workers, will in general be deported. 

This is based on the illegal stay, not because of their activity in the sex industry but because of the non-regulated status of sex work in Poland, which is not treated as work.

 A sex worker cannot have self-employment by running her/his own business in sex work. This also refers to Polish citizens. But there are no obstacles to employ a person who has got a labour permit as a dancer, waiter/waitress or an artist. In practice, it is the most common way of proceeding with people who can work legally in Poland. The only relevant criteria are having a residence and labour permit.