The ‘Provisions Restricting Prostitution’ prescribe monthly mandatory health examinations for sex workers that have to be conducted by a dermatovenerologist. . Information about the health status is recorded on a health card (the so-called ‘yellow passport’).

 Sex workers are not allowed to continue work while in medical treatment or medical or serological surveillance for infectious diseases. This applies to the following infections: ano-genital herpes (virus infection); dermatophytosis (trichophyton, microsporum); pubic lice; gonococcus infection; chlamydia trachomatis; scabies; leprosy; syphilis. If HIV-antibodies or an AIDS infection are detected, work in prostitution is prohibited. Sex workers have to pay for the health checks and for the health card.

 There are some services that are provided free of charge: specialist consultations and HIV rapid testing (provided by the NGOs ‘DIA+LOGS’ and ‘AIDS counselling service’ under the GO ‘Latvia Infectology centre’); harm reduction services (available in 16 cities or towns in Latvia). The NGOs ‘Support Centre for women MARTA’, ‘Centre against Violence DARDEDZE’ and some crisis centres provide support, advocacy, housing or rehabilitation.

 Free access to HIV/AIDS treatment is available for Latvian nationals and for those who are residents. In a case of any other STIs,treatment costs have to be covered privately.