The only available service for sex workers is the ARAS – Romanian Association Against AIDS – outreach programme. Those without medical insurance can only access the emergency ward of the hospitals.

Sex workers can access ARAS’ clinic for vulnerable populations and take part in the outreach programmes.

Most of the sex workers are not able to receive treatment for STI and hepatitis C and B due to their lack of health insurance. There is next to no access to health care or treatment (except emergency room care) for persons without Romanian citizenship.

Only the people who are ‘officially’ employed and pay state taxes have health insurance. Those without a job have the option to pay for health insurance monthly.

Antiretroviral treatment is available to everybody in Romania. The treatment  is free of charge only for Romanian citizens.

Drug users can access the harm reduction programmes with or without insurance. Since the harm reduction programmes are anonymous, any person can access them.

Normally, there is no protection from deportation. If a person is being treated for HIV, the country where she/he is being deported to must assure the continuation of the treatment.

The barriers for sex workers to access universal health care and treatment are linked to their legal status. Because prostitution is prohibited, sex workers rarely can access on public health and social  services.