R.A.T., Brussels

Name of association/service provider

R.A.T., Brussels


Rue Jourdan 151, Bruxelles
1060, Belgium
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+32 (0)2 534 87 41

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Working days and hours

Morning Afternoon Night
From To From To From To
monday 10:00 18:00
tuesday 10:00 18:00
wednesday 10:00 18:00
thursday 10:00 18:00
friday 10:00 18:00

Type of organisation


Types of services offered

  • Health
  • Social

Cost of services

  • Free

Services provided to

  • Drug Users

Nature of services

  • Confidential

Where do you offer your services

  • Ambulatory
  • Counselling Centre

Professionals in place

  • Medical Doctors
  • Social Assistants
  • Social Workers

Languages spoken in your services

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French

Health services provided

  • Alcohol abuse / rehabilitation
  • Drug Treatment / Rehabilitation
  • General Health
  • Methadone Delivery
  • Reduction of Harm for Drug Users (Information + Advise)

Social services provided

Are STI tests mandatory?



R.A.T. | Reseau d'Aide aux Toxicomanes        
R.A.T. | Network for the Support of Drug Users   

Appointments only by phone: (0)2 534 87 41    

Active since 1991 and a key player in the sector, R.A.T. support and reintegrate drug and alcohol users in ambulatory and non-specialized settings. It also provides training to psycho-medical and social workers, enabling them to better understand this vulnerable public. Finally, the association has as a specific project the support of a network of general practitioners, in particular through clinical supervision which supports their practice.