Living For Tomorrow, Tallinn

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Living For Tomorrow, Tallinn


Tööstuse 48A, Tallinn
10416, Harjumaa, Estonia
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+372 660 7320

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+372 660 7320

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Morning Afternoon Night
From To From To From To
monday 10:00 18:00
tuesday 10:00 18:00
wednesday 10:00 18:00
thursday 10:00 18:00
friday 10:00 18:00

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Types of services offered

  • Legal Advice
  • Social

Cost of services

  • Free
  • On saturdays and sundays there is an automatic answering machine on.

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  • All

Nature of services

  • Anonymous
  • Confidential
  • Registration with initials or nickname

Where do you offer your services

  • Counselling Centre

Available professionals

  • Cultural Mediators
  • Interpreters

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  • Legal Advisers
  • Social Assistants
  • Social Workers

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  • English
  • Estonian
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian

Multilingual information materials

  • English
  • Estonian
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian

Social services provided

Legal advice provided

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LIVING FOR TOMORROW was created by people looking for ways to transform Sexual Health Education and Human Trafficking prevention: engage gender-sensitive active learning, make it inclusive, acceptable, interesting and comprehensible.        

The organisation offers:     
- Interactive sexual health education workshops for youth and adults;           
- HIV/AIDS, STIs and drug abuse prevention;               
- Anti-trafficking Hotline counselling services, trainings for professionals and human trafficking prevention among vulnerable population groups;           
- Youth initiatives support and counselling;         
- Conducting researches and carrying out pilot projects.